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The Good Shepherd.jpg
The subject of this painting is probably the shepherd presented in Luke 15:1-7. In this passage, Jesus tells about a shepherd who loses one of his one hundred sheep. The shepherd then leaves the other sheep and goes to find this lost sheep. He…

DSC_0480 (2).jpg
In this painting Jesus Christ is seated and wears a crown of thorns. With the signature, Oertel refers to John 18:37. In this verse, part of John's account of Jesus's trial before Pilate, Pilate asks, "So are you a king?" Jesus answered, "You say…

This is a painting of two figures seated. The left figure is a holy person with glowing hair and luminous skin. The right figure, bearing a long cross-shaped hook, is possibly a shepherd. Whether this depicts a particular scene from the Bible is…

This painting appears to be a Gothic cathedral built on rocks in the middle of the ocean. The parable of the wise and foolish builders in Matthew 7:24-27 is probably the inspiration for this work. In this passage, Jesus promises that those who obey…

This is a portrait of St. Paul as a weary but stern man. An early convert to Christianity, St. Paul wrote many of the books included in the New Testament. The scroll in the lower left corner probably represents his writings.

Man Rowing Out to Sea
This depicts a man rowing in a boat alone except for Jesus Christ, who appears in dazzling white. The stormy waters apparently represent the challenges of human life.

DSC_0451 (2).jpg
This unidentified prophet clutches a scroll in his left hand and raises his right hand as if he is preaching.

One prophet.jpg
This is a painting of an unidentified feminine-looking prophet. This prophet appears to be preaching. He clutches a partially unfurled scroll in his left hand and raises his right hand.
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